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ai's influence map by fernothedragon ai's influence map by fernothedragon
my art influence map!!! this was rlly fun to fill out i tried to include as much as i could! template: [link]

1. Concession comic: probably one of my biggest inspirations . the artist influenced my art A LOT for years and helped me find my style and helped me create my own stories.
2. moonstalkerwerewolf inspired me from as long ago as 2009 and gave me confidence to put my art online and even animate and inspired me to make a lot of my current oc’s!
3. Skyrim: i LOVE the the whole style, lore and world of skyrim (and elderscrolls all together) so much and especially the dragons!! if i ever mde a game it would be like skyrim.
4. Red Dead Redemption: another game inspo i’ve played this game to death and still love it, i love the world and travelling horse back aspect along with the undead DLC!
5. Okami: MY FAVOURITE GAME EVER MADE 10/10 the whole artistic style of the game is stunning and the story had me crying i’d love to create a game like it or make such a great story.
6. Warriors: i think everyone has read a least one warrior cat book. i only ever read up to a certain point but i loved the characters and story and made my own oc’s based off the books and i even created some of my own stories.
7. Darren Shan: SOME OF THE BEST BOOKS EVER the Demonata series scared me so much but the story and characters helped inspire some of my own oc’s and even my art.
8. Beast Quest: literally where my first oc came from this book is very important to me personally as it’s what inspired all of my art from the very start.
9. Pippa Funell: ANOTHER game inspo, ranch rescue sparked a lot of creative ideas in me and is what got me into horses so it still continues to affect me and my life!!
10. Warhammer: when i was younger my dad got me into model making (tyranids ftw) which helped me learnt to paint and work with small things and its just so cool i love it.
11. My Chemical Romance: my most important music insp was MCR the music they made inspired a lot of my oc’s and art and still does! 
12. PREQUEL: my most recent inspiration is an MS paint adventure based in the elder scrolls world. i love the story so far and the characters and  it’s something i would love to make someday!
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April 30, 2016
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